Lifting table and trolley

Our products also include lifting tables or hydraulically driven scissor lift tables, which we specially design for the space available and the required lifting height.

In addition, we offer the lifting tables with a trolley or so called cart to enable a horizontal travel movement via frequency-controlled gear motor.

Different products can be lifted by the lift table. This is usually a scrap box that has to be transported to another height level.

The individual travel movements are automated.

The hydraulic unit with tank is integrated in the lift table or trolley.

We also carry out the assembly and installation in the customer's plant.
  • Hubtisch, Hebetisch, Scherenhubtisch, Scherenhebetisch, Hubtisch fahrbar mit Schrottbox
  • Hubtisch, Hebetisch, Scherenhubtisch, Scherenhebetisch, fahrbarer Hubtisch
  • Fahrwagen mit Hubtisch, Hebetisch, Scherenhubtisch, Hubtisch fahrbar mit Schrottbox, Fahrwagen, Transportwagen
  • Fahrwagen, Wagen, cart, Schrottbox, trolley, scrap cart, scrap trolley