Slitting and packaging lines

Together with our partners we design and manufacture slitting lines able to process hot and cold rolled steel strip which may be galvanized or otherwise coated, as well as high tensile steel, stainless steel, copper or aluminium in thicknesses from 0.15 mm to 13 mm and for maximum width of 2.200 mm. The line speed can be up to 400 m/min considering high precision and maximum flexibility.

The systems based on longtime experience and highest reliability.
  • Decoilers up to 45 tons, edge trimmers, scrap chopper or scrap balers
  • Quick automated change of the slitting tool sets
  • Separator quick change units
  • Fully automated separator system
  • Quick unloading of the slit coils with automatic strapping systems

The individual machines of the line and the operation sequences are controlled by computer on the basis of data entered for each job. Subsequently the computer monitors the line for correct operation. An interface enables the computer also to be remotely programmed and to transmit information of work completed from the automatic packing line.
  • Aufwickelhaspel, Aufhaspel, Längsteilanlage, längsteilen, längsteilschere, abwickeln, aufwickeln
  • Längsteilanlage, Bremsen, Bremsgerüst,  Spaltanlage, Bremswagen, Bandbremse, Filzbremse, Rollenbremse, Plattenbremse
  • Coildrehkreuz, Coilverpackung, Coilumreifung, Längsteilen, Längsteilanlage
  • Coilgreifer, Coilzange, Coilverpackung
  • Verpackungsanlage, Coilverpackung, Spaltband, Coilkippen, Kipptisch, Coilkipptisch
  • Verpackungsanlage, Coilverpackung, Spaltband, Coilumreifung, Coilverwiegung, Stapeln von Spaltband, Stapeln von Coilringen
  • Coilkipptisch, Coilverpackung, Längsteilen, Längsteilanlage
  • Längsteilanlage, Spaltanlage, Messerbauroboter,  Coilwagen
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  • Messerdrehkreuz, Kreismesser, Messerbaudrehkreuz, Rollscherenmesser, Längsteilmesser, Auswerferringe, Distanzringe
  • Messerwechselständer, manueller Wechselständer, Vorratsständer, Messervorbauständer