Lighting energy supply


Profiles for lighting have a very high quality requirements concerning the precision of the production for fastening the individual components and the aesthetic surface finish.
Rollforming lines for lighting starting from the coil and are equipped with automatic shearing and punching units, profiling range and the cutting of the profile by hydraulically driven tools.


The reflectors are usually made of aluminum with a sheet thickness of 0.3 to 4 mm.
Our production equipment with a flying section are designed for variable lengths of 150-650 mm.
Considering the plant throughput 40-50 parts per minute the system with automatic stacker is executed.

Cable trays

The cable trays are made by the automatic production from the coil, including punching and / or embossing presses for floors and sides.
Cable trays are characterized by different widths and heights of the profiles and a flexible production process.
Flexible punching tools and double shoulder-forming systems, cross- adjustable according to profile width, we deliver fast adjustable equipment in accordance with the product requirements.

Sheets for control cabinets

Starting from the coil or blank carried out the punching and cutting operations and the profiling of the sheets. The next stop - gradually - is suitable for edge-bending by bending machines and / or special processes (eg. welding, assembly of the hinges, ground nuts, etc.).

Structre profiles for control cabinets

These profiles are produced by roll forming lines with punching devices. Usually these profiles have complex shapes, require high precision, both in processing and profile geometry. Areas can get openings or closures by laser welding.